Permission Cards


Permission Cards

I made it my New Year’s resolution to draw from these Permission cards daily. Just like a morning cup of coffee, these affirmation cards help my day get off to a good start. The mind is a powerful thing and manifesting positive messages before I start my day helps to take the piss out of my cornflakes.

Today’s message “Learn From Life”. Well, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that life is ALL about learning. Although life’s lessons are open to interpretation and individual perspective; much like children’s programming… there is most always a lesson to be learned at the end of each day.

So, what was my life lesson for today? It was a lesson I have learned over and over again, but needed another reminder to simply LISTEN. It’s a quality that so important yet so difficult to master unless you take a vow of silence. Besides, I don’t need to be the one always talking. The planet is my University and knowledge awaits.

These ‘Permission Cards’ are by Lyn Weinstein at Reflective Heart Creations and purchased at Banyen Books in Vancouver, BC.


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