The Bachelor Season 18


“Don’t slap the hand that fed you.” Catherine Lowe said exactly what I was yelling at the TV in ‘After the Final Rose’ of the Bachelor last night.  Juan Pablo had foot in mouth syndrome throughout the entire show, some of his famous words were mocked in the media and discussed in the ‘women tell all’ segment so it should have come as no surprise that the arrogant Juan would dis Hollywood like he did. He might have been trying to make a statement, but he is fighting a losing battle! And what is Nikki thinking? This reality TV couple will join the likes of Spencer and Heidi Pratt in loserville. As far as I’m concerned Nikki and Juan Pablo had better hire good publicists because dissing Hollywood on live TV was just plain stupid. I bet that in a few months we will hear Juan Pablo back peddling, although he will NEVER apologize he will make some attempt to explain himself to get the media off his back because this situation will only get worse. This is ultimately what he wanted, right? To rid of the camera’s and live a ‘normal’ life? Maybe he should have been more assertive and respectful in his delivery if that was his intention, or did us all a favour and turned down the Bachelor in the first place!!! and Nikki? WTF? She didn’t even try to make it better; she just sat there with a smug look on her face allowing this douche bag to disgrace her and ‘the process’ on national television. To be fair, I don’t know what happened behind the scenes that made these two show their true colours, but I do know that in my 40 years of being on this planet Integrity goes a long way and being true to yourself does not mean shitting on others! I hope that Juan Pablo and Nikki learned this lesson after watching their behavior on TV because I know Hollywood thinks “IS NOT OK”. I’d watch my back….